Monday, 20 February 2012

Customize your Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes
When I sat down finally to decide about the wedding cakes the first thought that came to my mind is not to spend a lot of money for purchasing a cake. Instead, I can go in for baking my own cake. This will give me dual benefits.

One is the pleasure of baking the cake for the ceremony to save money and get a unique design for the cake. This unique wedding cake designs would be a perfect choice to attract the attention of all the guests present at the ceremony.

In order to begin my search to get some wedding cake ideas, I referred to the various recipe books or online websites. Firstly, I began with the search for the recipe for the cake and then tried it on a very small scale before making the final attempt.

Once, all my attempts to prepare the cake, at home, were successful, I moved ahead with the thought of embellishing my cake. I took the help of the local baker as well some online sites. There are online tools where you can design your cakes. With the help of these tools, you can decide the shape, icing color, icing pattern and accessories. This will give you an idea about the appearance of the cake.

It was a really fun filled experience to design the wedding cake using these tools. I did a lot of trials till I landed up with the perfect design for my wedding cake. When I told my mother about my plan she asked me what was the backup plan I had, if in my busy schedule of planning my own wedding, I was not able to bake the cake. I told her that I would go for a simple wedding cakes then. Luckily, for me, she agreed to the plan.

It was a memorable journey for me to customize my own wedding cake. Hence, I wanted to share my wonderful experience with you all. It would be really very helpful for all the couples who are planning to bake their own cake

Friday, 20 January 2012

Funny Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers
Couples go for funny cake toppers which make the atmosphere light, funny, and enjoyable. A huge collection of different varieties of wedding cake toppers are available. You can check out different varieties of these toppers which are available and finalize the best one among them.

However, this task of selection of the best one is a bit confusing and difficult. Every topper would have a unique humorous identity of its own. The most popular one among them are the figurines in the shape of the bride and groom. These figurines are in various funny poses.

You can select the best one in consultation with you partner. You can either purchase it from the store or place an order for it online. You have to accomplish this task well in advance. This will help you to secure the topper on time.

Several couples go in for fondant wedding cake or simple wedding cakes and place a topper on it. While selecting the figurine, you have to also check out whether the attire of the couple is relevant to your theme.

You have to ensure that the pose of the bride and groom is funny and not offensive. These cake toppers are available in different styles and size. You have to also ensure that the cake topper selected by you would be able to express all your emotions properly.

You can try out some personalized and unique topper for the wedding. Some unique ideas include going in for a topper with bride having a fishing rod or the couples talking on mobile phones.

You can go in for toppers which would describe any funny habit of each other. You can also go in for cake toppers with funny attire or in your favorite sports. You can bring about some really amazing patterns and designs such as figurine depicting your areas of interest or hobby. However, some couples go in for the traditional toppers for their cakes.

These toppers are available in different prices and styles. You can go in for the best one that suits your wedding cake designs and budget. The details mentioned here will help you to bring about some amazing and humorous wedding cake toppers.

Giraffe Themed Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes
Every individual is on a lookout for an exotic or unusual wedding cake designs. In the search of unique cake styles, some trends such as giraffe themed wedding cakes have come up. You can go in for some fascinating designs with the giraffe theme.

These cakes are best for the winter wedding theme or forest/ safari wedding themes. You can go in for a cake in the shape of the giraffe. Another idea would be to go in for a wedding cake with the design similar to the giraffe’s body. You can go in for hexagonal or pentagonal dots for on your simple wedding cakes as on the giraffe’s body and use it for your wedding.

It is perfect wedding cake for a zoo wedding theme. Some couples who are nature lovers would go in for such kind of wedding cake shapes and designs. It is a very trendy and unusual cake design. You can go decorate it with cake toppers which would be in the shape of other animals.

You can try out some amazing ideas such as going in for decorating the cake stand / table as a replica of the natural habitat of the giraffe and place it in the centre. This would help you to match with the d├ęcor at the venue and give desired results.

The size of the giraffe cake should be decided as per your budget and number of guests expected for the reception party. You can also try to bring up a message with the help of the cake such as animal conservation and depict a scene of wild life sanctuary.

You can put up billboard adjoin to the cake table explaining and giving some tips which can be adopted by us to conserve our wild life. It would be a perfect theme for the couples who love animals and it can serve dual purpose of decoration and spreading awareness.

The details and ideas mentioned above will help you to bring about the best giraffe themed wedding cakes.

Mardi Gras Wedding Cake Designs

Wedding Cake Designs
Mardi gras is a very unique theme which can be adopted for your wedding. Mardi gras also known as carnival season is a perfect alternative of the couples who don’t want to go in for a classy wedding theme. You can go in for a funny and thrilling party for your reception.

You have to try to create the desired ambience and mood for the ceremony. For this, you can go in for colors such as green, purple, gold, and dark pink. You have to carefully plan out and select the attire, food, and cake relevant to this theme. Cakes are the most important attributes for every reception.

There are some specially designed wedding cakes. These cakes are best equipped with masks or crowns. The batter of this cake is usually baked with a baby doll inside it.

The person who gets this doll would be blessed with good luck for rest of the year. It’s a traditional belief even believed today. These cakes are easily available during the carnival season or you can place a special order. You can try out some interesting or innovative ideas or designs for the wedding cake. For instance: you can go in for a blue color simple wedding cakes and accessorize it with trinkets suitable to the theme.

You can go in for some feathers with mask for the purpose of decoration of the cake. You can use your creative ideas and bring out an innovative design for the cake. There are plenty of pictures of mardi gras cake designs available online. You can go through all these pictures and select the best cake that would suit your personality and requirements for the party.

Cupcakes are also trendy option for the reception party. You can go through the different styles of cupcakes available based on this theme. You can go in for colors such as green, purple, or golden color relevant to the theme. These cupcakes can be decorated using the accessories related to the theme. You can even prepare these at your home.

The details and ideas mentioned here will help you to get mardi gras wedding cake designs for your wedding reception party.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Winter Wedding Cakes

Winter Wedding Cakes
You could impress your wedding guests with some alluring  winter wedding cakes. These cakes are relevant to the winter wedding theme. You can go in for the traditional white wedding cakes in various shapes.

There are infinite ways and designs of  wedding cakes. You can either go in for the cake designs which are already available or develop your own design and bake it. You can go in for some different styles for decoration of your winter wedding cake to bring out the desired elegance. Some of the popular designs of wedding cakes are described here. You can decorate the cake with the help of edible accessories which are in the shape of the pearls, roses or many other shapes relevant to the design.

You can bring out the winter effect with the help of snowflakes which can be used for decoration. It would clearly bring out the snowy night. You can also decorate it with colorful stars and flowers to enhance the theme.

The design selected should be relevant to the theme. You can also use small figurines of Santa Claus and Christmas trees for the purpose of decoration. For the icing, you can go in for fondant or whipped cream.

If you have a very limited budget, then you have to order for a simple wedding cakes and decorate it as per the winter theme. You can decorate it with the readymade snowflakes that are available in the shops.

In case, you are running out of time or not interested to bake your own cake, you can browse through the different pictures of the cake. You have to take up some efforts to do basic research and be informed about the latest trends of cakes.

Another alternative would be to check out various bakeries in your area. This would help you to get the best discounts and offers for the wedding cake. The ideas mentioned here will assist you to get the best winter wedding cakes.

Big Elegant Wedding Cakes

Wedding cake is a tradition believed to bring luck to the newlywed couple. Couples go in for a large wedding cakes that would draw the attention of all the guests present for the event. Huge wedding cakes are the most common for grand weddings.
Wedding Cakes
People go in for some impressive big cakes for the occasion. The size and the design of the cake become the point of discussion among guests present. They would load you with plenty of comments and sing praises of your big and elegant wedding cake.

You can go in for a multi- tiered simple wedding cakes with some exotic wedding cake toppers on them. This would fulfill your desire for a huge wedding cake and help you to get impact on your partner and guests arrived for the wedding. There are plenty of designs to choose from. You can discuss with your partner and choose the best one that would suit your expectations for a stylish and huge cake.

However, this variety of cakes is not good for the couples with a restricted budget. You can go in for some mouth watering cakes that would reflect your personality and give you the best results. Some people go in for cake design similar to the bridal attire.

If you are going in for a huge cake, then you have to take some care regarding the pillars used to erect the cake as per the design. You should take special care and check if it is properly placed. It will prevent the cake from collapsing and creating a mess at the ceremony.

You should consult a cake designer and take required preventive measures to avoid such disasters. You have to also take special care for transporting the cake to the venue without causing any damage to the design or the pillars used to erect your cake.

You can go in for assembling your cake as per the design at the wedding venue. This would avoid the damage caused to the cake.

The idea and instructions mentioned above will help you to organize a luxurious wedding with a huge wedding cake.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

10 Fascinating ways to decorate your Christmas Wedding Cakes

Couples generally have the misconception that just selecting the best wedding cakes would be enough. However, this is not true; you have to decorate the cake to get the desired results. You have to invent some interesting ideas for decorating the cake and make it attractive and beautiful.

Christmas Wedding Cakes
There are plenty of  wedding cake designs. While selecting these, you could consult your partner and then go for it. You can try to prepare your own designs. You can check out some exciting ideas for the toppers in various shapes, colors, and designs for the cake. You can go in for personalized wedding cake toppers. For this, you can get amazing ideas from the already available toppers.

Ten fascinating ways to decorate your Christmas wedding cake are given below:
  • You can get some useful tools such as stencils with various designs which can be used for decorating your cake.
  • You can embellish it with plenty of nuts, fruits, flowers, or candies. In case of flowers, you can go in for real or edible flowers made of sugar.
  • You could also decorate your cake with chocolate chips and curls. You can also use chocolates and candies of various shapes for the purpose.
  • Another excellent choice would be to go in for different varieties of candles, ribbons, and heart or star shaped accessories.
  • Some couples prefer to go in for toppers inspired by cartoon characters.
  • You can make it look colorful by applying various colors on the cake. You can also go in for classy styles such as polka dots or small flowers.
  • There are some toppers also available in the shape of initial letters of the names of the couples or only the bride or groom. You can also go in for a combination of two or more letters.
  • There are some specialized cake toppers also available in the shape of hearts, birds, and animals.
  • You can also go in for cake pops of various styles and color that would match with the cake design.
  • There are some cake lollipops also available. You can use them with a lovely quote or message on it.
You can easily go in for any of these ten fascinating ideas or a combination of two or more ideas for decorating your Christmas wedding cake.